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Consumer Warning: Doorstep Selling

October 10, 2018

There has been a HUGE increase in complaints from members of the public concerning ‘No Win No Fee’ home-sit (doorstep) appointments.

There will often be ‘no win’ and there will always be a fee for relinquishment which in many cases we have seen will be a notification from the intermediary company but no confirmation from the resort.

It can be very comfortable to receive a sales service in your home often by way of an unsolicited call. This type of home visit will often place you into a false sense of security due to you feeling relaxed on home territory as against visiting an external sales office.

We have received horror stories of clients being subjected up to 6 hours of hard sell in their own home. Please know your rights on doorstep selling, you can read the regulations here.

Please note: We DO NOT operate this type of approach or service.
So ask yourself the question – “How can other companies do this for free?”

Timeshare claims are not like PPI where the banks have been forced to put money aside to meet claims. Our victories have come from ‘hard fought’ court cases achieving new precedents on a weekly basis.

So What Makes Us Different?


Interview with M1 Legal

You can watch a quick video interview below:

Our retained Spanish law firm M1 Legal to date has over 350 cases in the Spanish courts with a further 177 being prepared for submission. Each of these cases has cost 1000’s of Euros in lawyers’ time and court costs.

You can also read our latest newspaper article about what is believed to be the BIGGEST victory against a Spanish timeshare resort. You can read the article here or click the image below.

You can also watch our latest Sky TV Ad below: