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Complaints procedure

Complaints Procedure


 European Consumer Claims Limited aims to deliver the highest level of customer service at all times.  However, we understand that from time to time we may fall below the high standards that we set ourselves.  In these rare circumstances we will act quickly to both resolve the complaint with the customer and to ensure that we use any learning to improve our services.

Making a complaint

We recognise that making a complaint can be a hard for consumers and this is more so when dealing with complex matters where they are reliant on the business’s expertise.    Rest assured that at all times we will take any concern you raise with us seriously and deal with the matter promptly, courteously and honestly.

You can make a complaint about any aspect of our service by email to ECC customer services: or in writing to

The Henley Building
Newtown Road

What complaints can we deal with?

We can only deal with complaints about the services we have provided you or any claims that we have made that may have induced you to enter into a contract with us.  This procedure does not apply to information we publish that is covered by our data protection policy, such as information about businesses operating in the timeshare sector.  Whilst we will attempt to investigate any anonymous complaints made to us it is always better to provide as much detail as possible to enable us to investigate properly

How we deal with your complaint

When we receive a complaint, we will log it against the relevant file and allocate it to a manager to investigate.  We will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days, including the full contact details of the manager investigating it.

We aim to complete our investigation within 28 days.  On the rare occasions that we cannot meet this timescale we will provide an update to you as to the progress of our investigations at least every 28 days.  Where we haven’t been able to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, we will provide a full written explanation as to why we do not believe your complaint is justified

What happens if we cannot come up with a satisfactory resolution?

Whilst we hope to resolve the matter to your satisfaction there maybe circumstances where we are unable to do this.  In those rare circumstances as a consumer you still have avenues open to you: 

  • You can contact an advice service to seek support in achieving a resolution.  We will work with any agency supporting you in the spirit of this policy
  • Where it relates to a member of staff’s behaviour and/or competence it may be possible to complain to a relevant professional body or regulator, such as the Legal Ombudsman.  If this is the case we will inform you and provide the appropriate contact details in our closing response.
  • It may be possible with the agreement of both parties to use a professional arbitration service.  We would always look to use this as a lower cost more convenient route than court for the consumer. We will, subject to any rights of appeal, accept the ruling of such an independent arbitration scheme

This policy was published on the 1st July 2021 and will be reviewed at least every three years.