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European Consumer Claims have been representing European timeshare owners with US contract relinquishments and US timeshare owners with European contract claims since 2016.  




Timeshare owners looking to pursue a court claim need to provide us with some basic information so we can determine if there is a valid claim or not. There is a certain criteria that needs to be met to warrant building a case against a timeshare company. Since 2018, we have experienced huge success in European timeshare claims specifically through the Spanish courts working with our partner law firm M1 Legal.


M1 Legal have to date, submitted over 2300 timeshare lawsuits valued at £47,2 million with a success rate of 99% and have secured over 1479 awards including appeals valued at £27.2 million.


European Consumer Claims continue to investigate and explore other avenues to bring claims against timeshare operators worldwide where there are breaches in timeshare legislation and/or are guilty of mis-selling/mis-representing timeshare owners.




Sometimes, our clients don’t want to wait for a court hearing and just want rid of their financial obligations.  Our timeshare relinquishment service has been fine-tuned over the years making it efficient and simple.  We have built up a huge portfolio of resorts that we now offer this service for.  Time-frames depend on your particular resort and what you have purchased and unlike other timeshare exit firms, European Consumer Claims have a trusted legal relinquishment process.


If you are considering either of these options, please don’t hesitate to contact us, our friendly advice team will be on hand to advise you of your rights and options available based on your personal circumstances.


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