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Timeshare Relinquishment in the USA

March 6, 2020

Purchasing a timeshare is a lot easier than trying to dispose of one. European Consumer Claims have huge success when it comes to claiming against timeshare groups and resorts in Europe. The success rate for claims cases in Spain alone is at 96%. We do however also offer timeshare relinquishment in the USA and Worldwide.

In the USA, we have often dealt with cases from the following resorts and groups, among others:

  • Orange Lake
  • Westgate
  • Marriot
  • Diamond
  • Bluegreen
  • Vistana

With the variations in law between these two continents, it does unfortunately make it harder to claim in the USA, however we are able to assist consumers who would like to exit from their timeshare agreements.

A University of Central Florida ran an experiment and their findings showed that 85% of timeshare owners later regretted their purchase. That is a huge amount of timeshare owners who want to set themselves free from the timeshare trap, you are not alone.

There are a few options you have as an owner to get out of your contractual agreement with your group or resort. Firstly, you could sell your timeshare; just know that you won’t be the only one doing this. On eBay there are thousands of timeshares for sale, some even for as little as $1 as some people are so desperate to get rid of the burden.
Secondly, you could ask your resort to take the timeshare back but why would they want to do that? When they have the luxury of receiving annual maintenance payments from you that they can increase as and when they please. Contacting your resort or group could also harm your chances of exiting from your agreement; once they know you want to leave they might just do everything in their power to keep you in.

The third option is to head down the legal route of relinquishment. This is where ECC can help you. Contact our team of experts now to find out the best way of moving forward.