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5K Fines Set to Come In Next Week if Found Holidaying Abroad

March 24, 2021

New COVID laws in the UK will mean £5000 fines for any brits taking a holiday abroad. The legislation covering COVID-19 restrictions includes a ban on leaving the UK without a reasonable excuse – those that break the rule will be fined. 

More strains are being identified and there seems no end to restrictions. We are all hoping the roadmap will be rolled out as scheduled and the vaccine program continues to help, however, it all depends on the latest figures. 

As we reach the end of March, the picture for timeshare owners is looking very much like 2020. Owners will need to forget about using their timeshare in 2021 as well as last year and yet will still need to again pay their forthcoming maintenance bill. The timeshare resorts simply do not have availability and you could wait up to 2 more years to get even one week!. 

The pandemic along with a huge influx of Spanish timeshare lawsuits has forced timeshare companies to close. Club la Costa filed for liquidation on certain companies used for sales late 2020, Silverpoint also decided to close their doors in 2020. Who knows what will be next. 

Malaga based M1 Legal alone have now filed 1387 dispute cases into the Spanish courts for timeshare malpractice valued at £31.5 million with the majority of cases being pursued against Club la Costa, Silverpoint, Anfi and Diamond Resorts. 

Why choose European Consumer Claims (ECC)?

We are proud of the record in successfully helping thousands of owners to exit their timeshare and claim money back. We are always pleased to hear back from timeshare owners we have helped and have received many emails and videos from our clients (which have been verified by KFP Consulting using fully qualified Trading Standards officers) to thank us.