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February 2, 2022

Ruthless American timeshare companies and unscrupulous exit firms have been put on notice as European claims giant teams up with leading US lawyers to bring justice for victims of resorts and exit companies alike

European Consumer Claims (ECC)

With multiple offices through out the UK and Europe, expert staff including specialist timeshare lawyers and a current claims portfolio in the hundreds of millions of pounds, ECC are the dominant force for good in the fight for European timeshare consumer rights   

ECC have helped thousands of timeshare victims to both escape constrictive contracts and also claim compensation against illegally operating high pressure sales operations since 2016  

In each following year, ECC achieved success after success.  The biggest players in the European timeshare market had been ignoring laws enacted to protect consumers from illegal contracts and unfair sales tactics for decades.  ECC stood up to them all

Market leaders such as Club la Costa, Azure, Silverpoint, Anfi and Diamond Resorts Europe have been made to pay so much in compensation awards to mis-sold customers, that many have closed, and others are facing bankruptcy, administration and insolvency.  The days of unchecked greed at the expense of the consumer have been brought to a close

American Consumer Claims (ACC)

ECC have now cast their corporate gaze across the Atlantic, and joined forces with America’s foremost timeshare lawyers.  ECC’s success, prestige, history and expertise are being drawn on to take on the powerful US timeshare industry on behalf of the ‘little guy’ consumers who have lost significant amounts of money due to unfair, high pressure sales practices.

A new entity called American Consumer Claims (ACC) is being created to handle the the anticipated high volume of work in the burgeoning US timeshare industry

“It’s time for us to bring our hard won experience to bear on bad actors in the USA,” says Andrew Cooper, CEO of ECC 

“In Europe we have around a million timeshare owners, the US figure is ten times that.  There are vast amounts of people whose lives have been ruined by high pressure sales and dishonest practices, not just by timeshare companies, but also so called ‘exit firms’.

“American Consumer Claims will be here to help you, if you have been wronged by US timeshare operators.”

US Exit firms

US exit firms like Timeshare Termination Team have been shut down over non-compliant operating, and forced into bankruptcy leaving thousands of timeshare owners out of pocket, and still tied to expensive memberships

ACC will be offering three types of services to the US timeshare market:

  • We would like to help you recover the money you paid to an exit firm who didn’t deliver
  • We would like to legally relinquish you from your timeshare in the correct way, following all compliance guidelines
  • If your circumstances mean there is a path forward, we would like to help you recover the money you paid for your timeshare.

“Basically, if someone has been taken advantage of by a timeshare company, or further targeted by an exit firm for even more money, we are here to help,” says Cooper.  “In Europe we currently work together with a specialist firm of timeshare lawyers called M1 Legal.  M1 Legal has an unimpeachable success rate in challenging and overturning the illicit behaviour of European timeshare giants

“This move into the US market for us involves our most exciting collaboration yet, this time with the most respected and accomplished timeshare lawyers in the continental United States

Get in touch

If you are a timeshare owner or exit firm victim who would like closure, whether that be to relinquish your timeshare successfully, to recover the money paid to a suspect exit company, or even to recoup money paid for your timeshare membership then the leading, licensed, practising lawyers in this field are here, ready to help

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